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Keestrack Giant (C8) Bivitec Screen

 Keestrack Giant (C8) Bivitec Screen Keestrack Giant (C8) Bivitec Screen

The Keestrack Giant (C8)  Bivitec Screen is the most effective screener of 'difficult to screen' bulk materials on the market. It starts where conventional vibratory screens become inefficient and less economical. Difficult products, such as damp, stalky and leafy materials or matted substances block the screen openings of conventional vibratory screens, thus making efficient screening impossible.

The screen provides a simple solution to these challenging demands with the help of resonance: a driving mechanism provides two vibratory movements in which the flexible polyurethane mats are expanded and compressed in turns, and the difficult-to-screen product is separated at high acceleration. The dynamically excited screen mats thus remain free and allow efficient screening. The amount of movement of both oscillating masses can be adjusted, with parameters such as speed, and adjustment of the unbalanced masses, individually adaptable to the screening material.

The Giant (C8) Bivitec Screen is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as fine screening; recycling; compost and peat; screening of difficult, sticky or wet materials to an infinite variety of sizes; aggregates; wood; sand and gravel; iron, steel and metal; concrete; asphalt and more. It can also be used as a low maintenance, space saving alternative/solution, when screening unproblematic bulk materials, where instead of using several screens after another just one Giant can be in place. 

Performance Highlights:
  • Biggest mobile flip flow screen on the market
  • Double deck screenbox 6000mm x 1900mm (20 x 6)
  • 11.4 cubic metre screening surface on each deck
  • Optional infeed belt and magnet
  • Screening force up to 40G
  • Feed hopper 12 cubic metres (with belt feeder) / 10 cubic metres (with plate apron feeder)
  • Capacity up to 600 tonnes per hour, weather and material dependent.
  • Extensive option list to configure to your application



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