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MDS successfully delivers first 2-split M515 Trommel

Our European partner MDS International has successfully delivered the first 2 split M515 Trommel in Italy after their customer was interested in getting a high output from its fines and approached MDS to create a bespoke solution for them.
MDS responded by modifying its best selling M515 to be a two-split machine. This unit was fitted with a fully welded drum with 75mm openings across the entire 5m (16' 5") length. Dust covers were also installed to reduce dust. This was the first unit that was built as a 2-split machine and is ideal for those looking into removing fines of a specific size from their infeed.


Powerful & Robust Machine!

The M515 is able to process material at 500 tons per hours and can take feed of up to 800mm (32"). Customers can chose to have 2 splits (like shown) or the usual 3 split trommel. There is a range of screens available to chose from:
Fines can be fitted with screens from 50mm (2") to 150mm (6")
Mid Product Screens can go up to 300mm (12")
Fully welded Mid-Product Sections can be up to 450mm (18")
Additional options of Tipping Grid & Drum Cleaner Available!


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