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Screenmasters introduce new Heavy Duty Rock Trommel to its expansive fleet, providing a solution to a difficult application

For many years Quarries all over Australia have been seeking a long term solution to handling large, oversized feed material, required for making Armour Rock , Rip rap & Gabion Material, at commercial tonnages with reliable equipment, Screenmasters believe we have found the solution.

By its very nature the handling of this rock, anything from 1m down is brutal. It is hard on men and even harder on equipment. Over the years many companies have built and supplied this type of equipment with varying degrees of success.

After over a decade of looking and observing various operations, Screenmasters are confident that they have arrived at the right Bespoke Solution and to this end have purchased a new MDS M515 Track Mounted Rock Trommel. While this unit will not satisfy some of the larger operator’s around the country, it will provide them with a tool to use for “proof of concept “ trails before they commit to their ‘Own Bespoke Design and Solution’.

Screenmasters, reached a decision on this unit after observing similar units working in the UK, America and France in a variety of applications including steel slag, concrete recycling and Granite. This very mobile track mounted unit comes standard with a 5.5m long Barrel, 1.5m in diameter, weighing in at 50 tonnes. MDS recently supplied a track mounted unit to the UK that had been fitted with an 8m long Barrel, 2m in diameter, with the unit weighing in over 150 tonnes.

Screenmasters have changed the design of the M515 Trommel, to suit the harsh Australian conditions. The altered design, features a engine pack which allows for the hotter Australian climate, Rip Stop belts come standard on every conveyor, a Swivel boom conveyor has been placed at the rear of the machine for the finer fractions, this providing more height and stockpiling capacity The hopper and hopper floor have been significantly reinforced.

The beating heart of this machine and the area that comes under most scrutiny is the trommel drum itself, this is where Screenmasters have introduced the biggest change. Rather than have one single trommel drum producing 150mm minus - 300mm minus and 300mm to a nominal 600mm. Screenmasters has built the trommel drum in sections (see picture below) so that if any section of the drum is damaged or wearing more than the others, section(s) can be removed and replaced with ease and speed. The culpable section can be worked on, off-site and processing can continue, in turn costs and downtime are kept to a minimum. A single drum can also be provided, as machines are bespoke built to the customer’s specific requirements.

For further information on the M515 Rock Trommel contact Screenmasters on 1800 571 464.