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Keestrack Giant 2D (K8) Scalping Screen

Keestrack Giant (K8) Scalping Screen Keestrack Giant (K8) Scalping Screen

The 45+ tonne Giant (K8), is a very large 6000mm x 2000mm screen, well designed by Keestrack resulting in a high performing, quality unit.

In this version, the conventionally 'difficult to screen' bulk materials are handled with ease by Keestracks' Scalping Screenbox, as they have been for over 20 years.

Not content for the unit to expertly separate these standard, difficult materials, Keestrack has designed this unit so it can also be fitted with the Bivitec Flip Flow Screenbox if required. This is used for products that can block screen openings when scalping, even with the best vibratory screens, such as damp, stalky and leafy materials or matted substances.

With user friendly controls, great access for replacing screens, easy maintenance and proven Keestrack quality you cannot go wrong with this versatile bulk screener. Utilise the Giant (K8) screen as a low maintenance, space saving alternative/solution when screening bulk materials, instead of needing several screens in a train. Get your Giant (K8) today!

Performance Highlights:

  • Biggest mobile scalping screen on the market
  • Double deck screenbox 6000mm x 2000mm (20 x 6)
  • 12 cubic metre screening surface on each deck
  • Capacity up to 1000 tonnes per hour, material and weather dependent
  • Feed hopper 10 cubic metres (with plate apron feeder) / 12 cubic metres (with belt feeder)
  • Large range of screen meshes, punch plate, polyurethane and optional Bivitec Flip Flow screen decks available
  • 2 speed track drive
  • Extensive option list to configure to your application

Check out the brochure for the Keestrack Giant (K8) Scalping Screen, download the brochure today!