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Keestrack S166 3D C6 Screen

Keestrack S166 3D C6 Screen Keestrack S166 3D C6 Screen

The Keestrack S166 3D C6 (formally the Explorer 1800 3D) in the 4 split version without options, has a large production capacity of up to 400tph. With outstanding costs per ton the S166 3D C6 utilses the many functional Keestrack innovations, user friendly controls, load sensing hydraulics for greater fuel savings, and easy maintenance access just to name a few.  Unparalleled in operations such as: separation of aggregate, construction & demolition, screening behind a crusher, sand & gravel, quarrying, compost, coal, top soil and many others the S166 3D C6 Screen is the key unit in any application.


  • Optimum flexibility and mobility, no support legs
  • High performance and reliability
  • Low cost solution that offers superior screening results
  • Robust and smart design with good access for maintenance, repair and exchanging wear parts
  • Easy to transport
  • Up to 25% greater fuel efficiency by using "load sensing" hydraulics
  • Quick set-up time: operational in 30 minutes
  • Low loading / feeding height
  • Steel hydraulic lines where possible which are safer, easier and quicker to repair
  • Protected greasing nipples
  • Condensation drain on the fuel tank
  • Extra high quality, water absorbing filters
  • User friendly controls
  • Easily accessible engine compartment


Keestrack S166 3D C6 Screen in Operation