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S515 Modular Trommel

S515 Trommel S515 Trommel

S515 Modular Trommel

The S515 is a free standing Modular Trommel which is designed to be handle material from wood chips up to rocks, 400mm in size.

It is unique in the market as it can handle these large rocks and is ideal for cleaning over burden or sticky material. It is a 2 split machine and the punch plate screens can be changed, sizes from 20mm up to 200mm. Oversize can be up to 400mm. The Radial tail conveyor provides excellent stockpiling capacity. This new model will jack itself up off a flatbed trailer so it does not need a crane to set it up.


Trommel Diameter: 1.5m

Length  - 5.5m

Incline angle  - 5 degrees

Aperture spacing  - 20mm to 200mm

Oversize up to 450mm