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Waste Systems Combi-Flex Separator

Waste Systems Combi-Flex Separator Waste Systems Combi-Flex Separator

The Combi-Flex combines two of the most popular machine features for treating trommel fines, into a compact hook lift chassis design.

It combines Waste Systems patented screening system, which makes small work of materials that were considered too problematic binding up conventional screens, then filters the material into the next stage cyclonic expansion chamber which uses directional cyclonic air streams to give a distinct material density separation of heavy, hard core material and light material that would be used as fuel for biomass etc.

Combi-Flex Features Include:

  • Compact, modular design with hook-lift chassis feature for site movement
  • Versatility – the ability to process multiple waste streams including high moisture content.
  • Extremely efficient product separation using the high energy screen.
  • Fully self contained.