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The DZ750 is a unique combination of pre-shredding and grinding in one machine. Pre-shredding is carried out by the sound single-shaft principle and the hydraulically controlled shredding comb. Grinding is carried out by a fast-running flail drum with free-swinging tools.

This combination, designed on one chassis, offers an optimum solution for challenging tasks, processing even the most difficult materials into a reusable product in just one step.

A stand out unit the DZ750K is easy to operate with quick replace wear parts and high mobility. Ideal for applications such as shredding of waste wood, roots, green waste, bio waste, garbage, bulky and industrial waste, construction waste and much more.

Features Include:

  • Shredding & grinding in one machine.
  • Extremely versatile shredding of various material.
  • Hydraulic shredding comb protects unit, discharging any damaging contaminants.
  • Continuous shredding by load sensing material in-feed.
  • Individually replaceable wear parts.
  • One man operation.

The Combi-Flex combines two of the most popular machine features for treating trommel fines, into a compact hook lift chassis design.

It combines Waste Systems patented screening system, which makes small work of materials that were considered too problematic binding up conventional screens, then filters the material into the next stage cyclonic expansion chamber which uses directional cyclonic air streams to give a distinct material density separation of heavy, hard core material and light material that would be used as fuel for biomass etc.

Combi-Flex Features Include:

  • Compact, modular design with hook-lift chassis feature for site movement
  • Versatility – the ability to process multiple waste streams including high moisture content.
  • Extremely efficient product separation using the high energy screen.
  • Fully self contained. 

The Proflow Bio mobile unit is aimed primarily at applications where a high degree of selectivity is required.

The versatile mobile unit is ideal for applications where the desired light fraction is very close in density and weight to the desired clean product such as removing paper and plastic from organic waste or compost.

The unit utilises density separation, air knife blower and suction, conveyor displacement and magnet separation to produce high specification results in one pass.

The Hydro X Tract uses captive water to separate light from heavy materials. The unique separation system used in the unit enables items which are heavier than water, such as rubber and plastics, to be removed with the light fraction. 

Applications for the Hydro X Tract include removing light contamination from recycled aggregates, and removing glass and metal from wood chips or mulch. 


  • Highly effective separation.
  • High capacity, up to 100m³/hr.
  • Low water volume used.
  • Very versatile.
  • Effective silt recovery and removal. 

Designed for screening of multiple material types the Flex X Tract utilises a revolutionary design with a vibrating scalping deck and integrated vibrating flip flow screen to eliminate binding and pegging, available as a stationary unit and on tracks for added versatility. 

The Flex X Tract can screen materials that had once been considered too problematic, or had properties that made conventional style screening systems inefficient and not profitable, with ease. Its unique patented self-cleaning mechanism does away with the need for manual intervention in applications such as C&D, compost, plastic, paper, recycled materials, organics, stone, wood and more. 

Benefits of the Flex X Tract Include:

  • Precision screening of low density, high moisture content, inconsistent feed applications. 
  • Eliminating binding and pegging that prevents efficient screening.
  • Long life screen mats with low maintenance.
  • The ability to screen multiple material types and produce small product fractions (minus 2mm-1/8") when processing difficult materials.
  • Extremely efficient product separation using the high energy screen.


The Max X Tract has the latest in material processing incorporating air and physical separation technologies to remove select material types from primary feed, separating foreign materials from aggregates, biomass fuel, compost, C&D, recycled material and many other primary feed material types.

The results are clean,  high quality products which can be returned to the composting process, used as biomass fuel, meet recycled material specifications, reduce landfill volume and generate new revenue opportunities through effective product selection and separation. 

Benefits of the Max X Tract include:

  • Quality, high value sellable products
  • New revenue stream generation from recovered materials
  • Reduced landfill material
  • More efficient recycling of multiple products

Modelled on a classic three-way split recycling screen, the Proflow DST combines effective flip-flow screening with air density separation. The tracked, diesel/electric driven unit is aimed at a wide variety of mixed waste applications and can be tailored to suit specific materials and product needs.

Proflow screens are made up of two separate decks in one unit that are independently driven, as opposed to the traditional method of having the lower deck suspended on rubber mounts. This method ensures maximum agitation of material and prevents the bottom deck being weighed down, thus preventing blockages and keeping production to a maximum.

This arrangement is highly effective for screening of difficult/sticky/wet material such as skip waste fines, trommel fines, compost aggregate, waste wood processing and more to an infinite variety of sizes. Combined this with the air/density separation and you are assured a consistent and high production separation is achieved. 


  • Touch panel controls.
  • Manual remote greasing on all components.
  • 110m wide heavy duty variable speed feeder conveyor.
  • Unique vibration on each deck created better throw to eliminate screen plugging and blockages.
  • Independent drive Proflow double deck flip flow screen with a screening area of 4.3m x 1.5m on the top and bottom decks.
  • Multiple discharge configurations.
  • Air displacement unit with fully adjustable separation drum.
  • Drum separation contains both heavies stockpile conveyor and lights discharge conveyor.
  • Cyclonic air chamber to allow for better separation of materials in suspension.


The 55 tonne, track mounted M515 Trommel is the perfect for cleaning dirty / sticky material. Fitted with the radial tail conveyor, handling rocks up to 750mm in size this unit can tackle any heavy duty trommel application. It comes complete with fold out stockpiling conveyor and changeable drum with removable individual screen sections. The M515 Trommel offers complete flexibility with removable screen sections on the changeable drum, a fold out stockpiling conveyor and ability to move easily around site on tracks. 


  • Changeable drum with removable screen sections
  • 180 degree swivel fines conveyor
  • Reinforced hopper & hopper floor
  • Rip stop belts on every conveyor
  • Reciprocating heavy duty steel pan feeder with 940mm wide opening
  • Hydraulic push feeder
  • Electronic control system with in-built safety features
  • Available in a 4-spilt version with an extra mid-product conveyor
  • Rapid set up times