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Samson Mobile Shiploaders

Samson Mobile Shiploader Samson Mobile Shiploader

The Samson Mobile Shiploaders offer flexible solutions for every loading application. The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to cape size. Loading capacity reaches up to 5,000 tph, dependent on the bulk density of the material being handled.

The Mobile Shiploaders are cost effective with complete flexibility and can be combined with the Samson Receiving Unit plus comprehensive options of travel systems and trimming equipment, the Samson Mobile Shiploaders offer a level of performance normally associated with fixed installations but with complete flexibility.

Mobile Shiploaders offer a viable and economical alternative to fixed installations without sacrificing performance or reliability but with the flexibility to operate on any existing quay area or berth using existing infrastructure, thus drastically reducing the capital cost of a new export facility with the further benefit of fast track availability to capitalise on short term market positions. The Shiploader can be ready to move in less than 10 minutes.

The flexibility and fast track availability offered by mobile equipment allows the port operator to react to changing market conditions taking advantage of often short term contracts. In a rapidly changing export commodity market, the mobile option may be confidently selected in the knowledge that the equipment may be easily relocated or even resold if a contract is terminated.


Mobile Shiploader