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The mobile tracked GIPO R131S Impact Crusher impresses with it’s technical quality, high efficiency, well tried technology and easy operation.

Utilising two impact walls and an infinitely variable adjustment of the rotor speed along with the proven fully hydraulic actuation allows the R131S to crush with direct control over the material to be broken. It is this economic actuation system that enables crushing of reinforced concrete, asphalt, building rubble, natural stone, coal and blast-furnace slags.

The addition of the single-deck screening unit to this already versatile crusher allows for an even higher degree of flexibility in applications with the end product screened off to produce a suitable end granule in the one unit. With an ease of mobility on site thanks to the track-laying gear that utilises the power of the complete hydraulic system and a virtually non existent set up time the R131S is the complete package.

The LT1110S has all the features required for efficient day to day operation: high capacity and availability, large feed size (500-600mm), easy servicing and compact dimensions for transport.


The LT1110S is ideally suited for crushing medium-hard stone, including limestone and all mineral based demolition materials, such as brick, asphalt and concrete. The LT1110S is designed for a capacity range of up to 300tph.


The LT1110S is built around the new, powerful NP1110M impact crusher from the proven NP series. The crusher is specially designed for mobile applications and features a large feed opening and robust construction for a long lasting, reliable operation.


The sturdy, compact one deck screen can be detached in minutes. The unique feature of two-directional rotation ensures the highest screening capacity even for the most demanding applications.


For servicing and changing the screen mesh, the screen module features a hydraulic opening system, saving considerable time compared to conventional mechanical systems.


Another standard feature of the LT1110S is the intelligent IC500 process system. The highly advanced IC500 controls and adjusts all key parameters in the process for optimum crushing results and provides online information about the whole process.

The 1313S R6 Impactor is ideal for deployment in any number of high production applications. Its capacity of up to 500tph makes it a highly productive impact crusher, which is unmatched in practical innovations and gives your business the best cost per tonne. 

There are a number of reasons to chose this machine rather than a jaw / cone / screen combination, they are: 

  • The 1313S R6 mobile impactor has a 3 metre long pre-screen in the hopper of the unit to scalp any fines prior to entering the crusher. This is a very long, aggressive pre-screen, with a belt conveyor underneath to assist with wet or sticky material. Additionally this reduces wear rates and allows for greater production rates.
  • The impact rotor weight is approximately 7 tonnes, 40% more weight than similar sized machines. This allows for greater inertia as the large rock flows through the crusher, in turn ensuring a greater throughput.
  • The 1313S R6 impact crusher can accept 650mm feed size.
  • With a steel underpan feeder, not a belt, there is less maintenance. This reduced requirement, to replace skirting rubbers and clearly no ripped or torn belts, is a distinct cost advantage in relation to downtime and running costs. If required, the entire underpan feeder can be accessed from the rear of the unit as it lifts up on hydraulic rams for easy access.
  • The unit comes with a double deck, 16 x 5 screen. As a result the 1313S R6 track mounted impactor can offer these options: 
    -  Two products with a closed circuit
    -  One product plus a closed circuit
    -  3 products in an open circuit
    This negates the need for an additional screen and the costs that accompany that such as transport, fuel and maintenance.

The Keestrack 1011S R3 Track Mounted Impact Crusher uses proven advanced technology for tremendous fuel economy combined with great productivity allowing for low cost-per-ton production. 

The diesel engine with low emission norms combined with the fuel saving load sense hydraulic system ensures minimum impact on the environment and reduces fuel consumption. The optional remote control on the 1011S R3 Impact Crusher makes it possible to operate the unit from an excavator or loader and the unit can be fully equipped with numerous options in order to suit many applications. 

This high performance 1011S R3 Impactor unit has easy service and maintenance access; a vibrating feeder with long grizzly pre-screen to minimise wear and maximise quality; user friendly controls which are simple but intelligent; and a capacity of up to 250tph. The perfect mobile impactor unit for your application..



Modelled on a classic three-way split recycling screen, the Proflow DST combines effective flip-flow screening with air density separation. The tracked, diesel/electric driven unit is aimed at a wide variety of mixed waste applications and can be tailored to suit specific materials and product needs.

Proflow screens are made up of two separate decks in one unit that are independently driven, as opposed to the traditional method of having the lower deck suspended on rubber mounts. This method ensures maximum agitation of material and prevents the bottom deck being weighed down, thus preventing blockages and keeping production to a maximum.

This arrangement is highly effective for screening of difficult/sticky/wet material such as skip waste fines, trommel fines, compost aggregate, waste wood processing and more to an infinite variety of sizes. Combined this with the air/density separation and you are assured a consistent and high production separation is achieved. 


  • Touch panel controls.
  • Manual remote greasing on all components.
  • 110m wide heavy duty variable speed feeder conveyor.
  • Unique vibration on each deck created better throw to eliminate screen plugging and blockages.
  • Independent drive Proflow double deck flip flow screen with a screening area of 4.3m x 1.5m on the top and bottom decks.
  • Multiple discharge configurations.
  • Air displacement unit with fully adjustable separation drum.
  • Drum separation contains both heavies stockpile conveyor and lights discharge conveyor.
  • Cyclonic air chamber to allow for better separation of materials in suspension.



The SMA514 2D track mounted incline screen is robust and economical to run and can screen/stockpile 3 products at up to 350tph. Featuring a 14 x 5 double deck screen, 8m³ hopper and hydraulically folding stockpiling conveyor it is an easy machine to use and set up in just 20 minutes. 



The WA480-6A Wheel Loader offers outstanding durability with powerful hydraulics from variable displacement piston pumps, combined with a closed-centre Load sensing system. The torque converter driveline deliveries excellent rim pull to penetrate the densest materials to ensure high productivity.

The 2700 Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher from Magotteaux establishes unequalled standards in the area of gravels and crushed sands. The fully mobile treatment system combines the well proven GIPO combined installation, feeding unit, pre-screen, screen and integrated oversize feedback with a Magotteaux Vertical Shaft impactor: MAG’Impact.


With this combined installation you can crush and shape in one pass saving you the use of the two 4ft cone and a VSI. With exceptional wear rates and screen attachment, this low maintenance unit guarantees lower costs per tonne, a revolution in crushing

The Rockster R1100DS impact crusher guarantees excellent performance at a very high crushing ratio, and Screenmasters have a number of second hand units currently available! 


  • Continuous, fully hydraulic gap adjustment (electronic control on display)
  • Automatic, continuous control of the conveyor velocity
  • feeder adjustment by remote control
  • Unique double-functional return belt system

The 17 tonne Keestrack Combo K3 is unmatched in practical innovations as a compact, high performance, track mounted scalping screen. Separating 3 fractions with a maximum capacity of up to 250tph, combined with exceptionally compact dimensions, this mobile scalping screen has the ability to cover a wide range of applications and luckily for you Screenmasters currently have one second hand unit in stock!

The advanced technology of the Combo K3 mobile screening plant gives it tremendous fuel economy. The engine with low emission norms, combined with the load sensing hydraulics, minimises environmental impact whilst saving 4 to 6 litres of diesel an hour. With 1000 operational hours a year this track mounted screen could save you up to 5,000+ litres of diesel! 

The added advantage of user friendly controls and great access for screen and wear part replacement makes the Combo K3 Scalping Screen the best compact, mobile screen on the market and a must have for your site.

The LT7150 mobile VSI plant is the first choice in final stage crushing for producing high quality cubical aggregate, road base and prime manufactured sand; and Screenmasters have one unit currently available. It's key features include proven, cost effective and reliable operation, easy use thanks to advanced crusher automation, and the option of using the unit seamlessly as part of a two or three-stage crushing and screening process. 

Proven rock-on-rock technology with Barmac VSI Built around the proven Barmac B-Series vertical shaft impactor featuring the rock-on-rock crushing action. The crusher allows quick and easy operation and service, the possibility to stepless control the product grading, and the production of superior cubical end products..

The 1000x600J B3 is a compact, high productivity jaw crusher with a maximum capacity of 350tph and a feeding size up to 550mm. Unmatched in practical innovations the 1000x600J B3 tracked jaw can be used in a wide range of applications from primary crushing to concrete and landfill recycling.

This mobile jaw is equipped with the patented Non-Stop System (NSS), which opens and resets itself to the set position, ensuring a continuous process while protecting the crusher from uncrushable feeds, a feature exclusive to Keestrack jaws.


  • Largest jaw opening on the market in the 30 ton range
  • Hydraulic chute for jaw replacement
  • Interchangeable grizzly with punch plate for extreme flexibility
  • PLC on board operator
  • NSS non stop system -Fully control over all crusher’s functions
  • Automatic jaw wear recovery every 50 hours automatic setting of the CSS
  • 24 hours reverse crushing not only for clear blockages also for very sticky material
  • Hydraulic magnet adjustment 150mm to 350mm
  • Very Low engine consumption, best on the market, around 15 to 18 litres per hour; engine runs at 1700RPM
  • Steel hydraulic piping around the whole unit, much longer life better cooling properties

The Keestrack Frontier K6 is a heavy duty, high performance scalping screen that is one of the most versatile on the market and Screenmasters currently have 2 used units in stock! Designed with a huge amount of options that can be fitted to suit all your screening and scalping needs, it can separate 3 fractions at up to 600tph. If you want easy use / maintenance / transferal of wear parts Frontier K6 is your 'go-to'  mobile screen with great, large door maintenance access; hydraulic lift/cassette design for replacing screens; and user friendly controls. Fit for pre-screening to precision screening for fine material, the Frontier K6 track mounted screen is ready to handle big feed size at high capacity. 

* Pre-screening/scalping prior to being fed into a crusher * Recycling landfill and construction waste * Top soil and many other products * Separation of ‘sticky’ aggregate * Construction and Demolition * Screening behind a crusher * Sand and Gravel * Quarrying * Screening heavy over-burden * Coal * Wood

The S175 K5 scalping screen, designed and manufactured by Keestrack, separates 3 fractions with a high capacity and can handle a wide range of applications from pre-screen to precision screening for fine material. It can also very easily be changed from a 3 to a 2 way split screening if needed, saving logistics costs with the right side conveyor able to be placed on the left side. 

In addition to great productivity and versatility, the proven advanced technology in the S175 K5 allows for tremendous fuel economy. The engine, with low emission norms, combined with the load sensing hydraulics, ensures minimal impact on the environment and possible savings of 4 to 6 litres of diesel an hour. So with just 1000 operational hours a year those savings can be upwards of 5,000 litres of diesel!

The S175 K5 track mounted screen offers user friendly controls and great access for replacing screens, maintenance and replacement of wear parts. It can be used for applications such as pre-screening/scalping, recycling landfill and construction waste, separation of 'sticky' aggregate, construction and demolition, screening behind or before a crusher, sand and gravel, quarrying and mining, coal, wood waste, top soil and many other products.

Compact, effective, versatile, reliable and easy to use the S175 K5 is the contractors choice in screening units.