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Keestrack Frontier K6 Screen

Frontier K6 Scalping Screen Frontier K6 Scalping Screen

The Keestrack Frontier K6 is a heavy duty, high performance scalping screen that is one of the most versatile on the market and Screenmasters currently have 2 used units in stock! Designed with a huge amount of options that can be fitted to suit all your screening and scalping needs, it can separate 3 fractions at up to 600tph. If you want easy use / maintenance / transferal of wear parts Frontier K6 is your 'go-to'  mobile screen with great, large door maintenance access; hydraulic lift/cassette design for replacing screens; and user friendly controls. Fit for pre-screening to precision screening for fine material, the Frontier K6 track mounted screen is ready to handle big feed size at high capacity. 

* Pre-screening/scalping prior to being fed into a crusher * Recycling landfill and construction waste * Top soil and many other products * Separation of ‘sticky’ aggregate * Construction and Demolition * Screening behind a crusher * Sand and Gravel * Quarrying * Screening heavy over-burden * Coal * Wood


Keestrack Frontier Working in QLD Screenmasters