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Modelled on a classic three-way split recycling screen, the Proflow DST combines effective flip-flow screening with air density separation. The tracked, diesel/electric driven unit is aimed at a wide variety of mixed waste applications and can be tailored to suit specific materials and product needs.

Proflow screens are made up of two separate decks in one unit that are independently driven, as opposed to the traditional method of having the lower deck suspended on rubber mounts. This method ensures maximum agitation of material and prevents the bottom deck being weighed down, thus preventing blockages and keeping production to a maximum.

This arrangement is highly effective for screening of difficult/sticky/wet material such as skip waste fines, trommel fines, compost aggregate, waste wood processing and more to an infinite variety of sizes. Combined this with the air/density separation and you are assured a consistent and high production separation is achieved. 


  • Touch panel controls.
  • Manual remote greasing on all components.
  • 110m wide heavy duty variable speed feeder conveyor.
  • Unique vibration on each deck created better throw to eliminate screen plugging and blockages.
  • Independent drive Proflow double deck flip flow screen with a screening area of 4.3m x 1.5m on the top and bottom decks.
  • Multiple discharge configurations.
  • Air displacement unit with fully adjustable separation drum.
  • Drum separation contains both heavies stockpile conveyor and lights discharge conveyor.
  • Cyclonic air chamber to allow for better separation of materials in suspension.